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"Amazing service and training. The people at Elite helped me get to where i needed in my training and health. Very helpful and customized my workouts to what my body needed. They educated me and kept me motivated I'd refer them for anyone doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a pro, they really helped me." 

"My experience with Mr. Yates of The Elite was awesome! He is the best trainer that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He was always on time and well prepared! His sessions are intense and you are never bored. He makes ever effort to understand your goals and devises a plan to ensure that you meet...and even surpass those goals! If you are looking for a top notch will find it with The Elite!"  

"Had a great workout with Mr. Yates. He used all sort of techniques and a slew of workouts to get my body in elite shape. Can't wait for the next workout."  

"The Elite patiently coordinated with me in developing an individualized fitness plan for me; including goals and milestones. Mr. Yates guidance resulted in healthy lifestyle choices and changes. He trained my Church and many children in their particular sports." 

"Mr. Yates is extremely motivating . Well rounded and knowledgeable. He really takes pride in what he does. I would recommend him to anyone."


"Mr. Yates is professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. I am impressed with his work thus far, and I appreciate his peaceful and positive energy."

"I have had the most awesome experience with you. You are truly the best trainer ever! Since I have been training with you, I have gone down two dress sizes. Most of the clothes in my closet do not fit me anymore! My family and friends are amazed at how much weight I have lost and continue to give me the best compliments and encouragement. I can honestly say, if you are looking for RESULTS... Mr. Yates is your man! He is the ONLY trainer in Destin that will give you the results you need! Get with him before he is booked up!! #BESTINDESTIN #number1trainer"

"Mr. Yates is more than a trainer...he is a coach, teacher, and motivator. He understands that fitness is as much about the mind as it is the body--If you follow his lead he will help you go where you have the WILL to go! And you will have some fun doing it. If you are ready to make real change; you won't find anyone better than Mr. Yates to help you make it happen."

"Working with Mr. Yates is wonderful. He is very reliable and is always on time. He's very energetic and is ready to work at all times. He pushes you and you will get better and improve day by day."

"I was in a bad place when I started training with Mr. Yates. he has been amazing. He has brought me hope. He has come up with a great training regimen that changes over time. he is very motivating. I would have never been able to do what he has taught me on my own. I am the strongest I have been in a long time! Thanks Mr. Yates!"

"My experience with you has always been very positive, you work to make sure Im not hurting myself but push me because you know I can improve. I see and understand how each exercise we do completes the puzzle to help me grow for clean and jerk. Also through each session we have together I learn more ways to further myself and my body through your encouragement as well as increased knowledge you give me that I can go on and use in the future."

"Mr.Elite is such a motivator. He pushes you to the limit! He is explosive and works around your limitations to help you reach your goals!"

"Excellent trainer. Very well versed and extensive knowledge in his field"

"Thank you for giving me a much-needed full body therapeutic massage!!! You demonstrated a strong sense of intuition by knowing which muscles were tight, and the required amount of pressure required for healing and relaxation throughout my body. Your calming, relaxing, and reassuring personality enabled me to relax and focus on a much needed physical and emotional healing experience. You demonstrated true concern for my well-being, instead of going through the motion like so many massage therapists I have gone to. You are a truly gifted healer of what ails so many people!!! I know you shall continue to be a POWERFUL HEALER for the body, and spirit of your clients."

"Thank you Mr. Yates for making sure I was ready for my senior football season! I know all the success I had this year was due to your training. You're a great NFL trainer!"

"I was depressed and could hardly move my left leg and arm after suffering a stroke years ago. I honestly didn't expect much since Physical Therapists and Doctors were a waste of my time. I followed Mr. Yates' nutritional instructions and exercises, and I was able to stand up and sit down by myself. It has been easier walking and doing the things most people take for granted! I have gained more movement in my fingers and toes than I've had since the stroke. I'm eternally grateful for him. His massage was the best."

"I was excited to see what Mr. Yates could do to straighten my back. What he did with Soror Shaw was inspiring. I was using a walker, and now I am donating it away! He corrected my posture, and sure I ate enough. We did exercises for my back and neck. I am walking without a walker. I am able to dance at events, and even swim in the pool! I am as active as I have wanted to be."

"My family would really like to thank Mr. Yates for working with my son. He trained him in the gym and on the basketball court this Summer. My son noticed a difference in dribbling with his left and his shooting immediately. Now my son is on the varsity basketball team. He was the only junior varsity person brought up."

"I knew in my heart immediately you were the exact person she needed in her life on so many levels! My daughter has increased her pole vaulting personal record by five inches in just two weeks! Thank you again and please keep building her up."

"I am so thankful to have met Mr. Yates. I did not have a foundation in regards to working out or nutrition. Mr. Yates has worked tirelessly to make sure I have the knowledge I need for success and motivated me along the way. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer!"

"Mr. Yates is an exceptional Personal Trainer and Coach. I have had several personal trainers and I can say Mr. Yates is one of the best. He is professional, accommodating, personable, and most of all makes a workout plan that fits you. He listens and writes down your information that helps him to ramp u workouts or slow down and modify. He especially listens to any special pains or injuries your body has so as to make modifications to your plan. Even though my husband and I work out hard, he still makes it very challenging and rewarding. Thanks Mr. Yates you're the best!"

"I just wanted to tell you that I did excellent on my Air Force PT Test-may be better than I have ever done but definitely the best in the past 3 years. I accomplished something I never thought I would be able to do-I maxed out on my sit ups!!!! Thank you so much!"

"I'm doing great in California Mr. Yates! The running back coaches are both interested in me. It's like your workouts got me able to compete with the #7 and #2 running back and corner in the state! My speed has increased and I'm so much stronger! My hips and knees don't bother me as much anymore. I was benching 185lbs and now I can lift 225lbs 6 reps and 315lbs on max! I'm more than ready!"

"Since my son has been training with you, he's been such a HUGE help. I really appreciate you and thank you for your patience and genuinely loving my baby. These trainers aren't as good as you for real! You have him out here shining! He's killing the drills! I will keep you posted on his progress! Much love!"

"I really like the chicken thighs! I like the tenderloins and tuna as well, but those chicken thighs are so delicious! I can't believe I have this sexy man cooking for me hah. Seriously though, the meal prep has really helped me not to overeat. They are super tasty and filling. I get to eat want I want without you telling me I've gone over my calories; thank God."

"Since I've started training with Mr. Yates I no longer have those almost immobilizing back pains that had me at the chiropractor every other week! Thank you so much!"

Superior Training, sums my experience with The Elite Fitness!  My son and I have been training with Mr. Yates for 11 months now and our experience has been above standard. Personalized physical fitness regimes, accountability and tracking, consistency, and persistence are words that "inadequately" describe the level of quality and professionalism Mr. Yates provides. There really aren't any words that can adequately express our appreciation and satisfaction. We train with Mr. Yates twice a week, I've lost over 20lbs and dropped 6 sizes. My son is a student athlete and his performance had improved drastically.  I feel phenomenal! And come away from each training session feeling mentally and physically stronger. I look forward to our weekly sessions, as they provide far more than a physical work out. I've worked out with other personal trainers in the past but none come close to the superior service Mr. Yates provides. He has become not only our personal trainer but also a life coach. Going above and beyond to ensure that our mental and spiritual performance is inline with our physical performance. Some of the other services we've had the privilege of utilizes are: Yoga, Meditation, and massage therapy. There's no question, that it would be extremely difficult to find the quality of service Mr. Yates provides with any other personal trainer. We are lucky to have been recommended to The Elite Fitness. I'm never going anywhere else!

"I want to take a moment and thank you. Words cannot express my gratitude towards what you have given me. I know I’m on a life journey of ups and downs, but the piece you have given me is invaluable. I have been focusing so much on the scale, the yo-yo of my daily struggles, that I didn’t realize how much weight and how many inches I've lost. When I got dressed last night to go to the rehearsal dinner I felt amazing! When I got around all my cousins I felt like a million bucks and knew I wasn’t going to be the talk of the family because I’d let myself “go” like all the other wives. The confidence you have cultivated in me is beyond the scale. I’m kill’n it!"

"You have become such a staple in my everyday life. I cannot tell you how many decisions I have made because I didn't want to disappoint you or because I knew something would make you proud. You have become family to me. You have seen me at my best, my worst, but definitely at my most vulnerable; something few people ever see. You have given me more than I knew how to give myself and I am going to take everything I have learned and I will press forward. I know I can do it and I know I will do it....I know this because you have shown me I am capable. I know in a few months I will write you, or run into you and you will be proud. I am not going to let this change take me down. Thank you for everything you have given me over these months. You are beyond words and a true blessing in my life." 

"I feel like I’m having more flexibility and less difficulty for this leg iteration. I love the plans you’ve put together in the past and this one is on par with them. Kudos to you bro, and thanks for the push! Excellent workout followed by inspirational vision... always appreciated brother! People at my new job already asking me about workout and diet advice! You’ve been hitting me with good blessings and energy and it paid off big today! Great feeling walking in and teaching with confidence! I have been extremely successful in being an instructor thus far! I attribute that to our time pushing iron and the positive support you’ve given all along!" 

"I certainly do wish you were in Auburn and available to train me up here but I wanted to tell you that I started working with a trainer up here and I'm only a week in, but he complimented on my form while lifting and I just wanted to thank you for everything that you taught me while training with you! It definitely has served me well and I'm thankful that I was able to learn from the best!"

"I only gave 5 stars since it wouldn't allow me to give more! Where do I start? I not only found someone who was willing to customize my nutrition and workout regimen focused solely on me, but earned a dear friend and confidant where I received constant motivation and unwavering support. The level of guidance and information was first and foremost, centered around safety. I was elated to receive extremely professional and relative instruction catered to me and my experience that far exceeded my expectations. Knowledge of human biology and it's interaction with workout equipment proved superior in every facet, especially working through/around my pre-existing injuries. 10/10, wholeheartedly recommend without question!!!"

"Mr. Yates is extremely professional and always responsive."                                       

"Hey so happy to report my doctor has taken me off of my cholesterol medicine as well as my pre-diabetic medicine. Woo hoo! Thank you for all your help!"

"Mr. Yates I won three awards as a 7th grader against 8th graders at football camp! I was invited to some more camps too!"                                       

"I've been here a year an a half. I've been with you two weeks and I've seen more results in two weeks! Considering how fluffy I was also; like dude! Even when I'm eating I'm able to eyeball the ounces; seriously thank you man!  Do you realize that you are amazing; really know how good you are?! "

Mr. Yates is a one of a kind trainer. I was a very out of shape close to middle aged woman that was absolutely scared to set foot in a gym.  He reassured me before we ever met face to face that I could do this. He was always so patient and positive with me and tailored our workouts to help me get stronger in my weakest areas. I have had major back problems and knee issues for years and I have never felt stronger since working with Mr. Yates. His positivity is unlike anyone I have ever been around, he simply makes you want to be better and do better. He successfully got me off of two medications from working out with him. Our last 4 upper body sessions resulted in me trying the bench press, with his very specific and unbelievable tutelage on hand placement and body position I was bench pressing for the first time in my life.  Before I knew it I was bench pressing 135lb on our 4th bench press session! He is simply the best trainer!

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